VibraImage is a new type of image, but it is as primary, as the original color image, thermal image or an x-ray image. VibraImage technology measures micromovement (micromotion, locomotion, vibration) of a person by a standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing.

Human head microvibration is linked with the vestibular-emotional reflex (VER) and depends on emotion status. VibraImage system detects human emotions by the control of 3D head-neck movements accumulated in several frames of video processing. Vibraimage is a system that detects all human emotions!

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Is your home/workplace smart enough to know when it is danger? See jeweler shop video which shows one man who stolen bangles. Man as suspicious when he stolen bangles which analyzing by his behaviour/emotional detected by Vibraimage software.
The results represents in different colored image which shown different emotional conditional/behaviour. For example Vibraimage painted in red color when person aggressive shown in video.

Herein the VIBRAIMAGE software is automatically analyzing the state of mind and emotions of the person captured in CCTV and determines him a suspect by placing a red box around him as shown in video.
Further in the video, it is confirmed that the same suspicious individual is a thief.
Now, as the suspicious individual is detected in advance , we got an alert to prevent the crime!!!

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